About Ryan Azevedo - Ryan Azevedo
Ryan Azevedo is a filmmaker who developed a love of storytelling at an early age while entertaining himself and a small captive audience on his family’s farm.
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About Ryan Azevedo

Ryan Azevedo is an award winning documentary filmmaker who co-produced the Oscar-winning film, THE LADY IN NUMBER 6 and has produced and directed live concert and behind the scenes content for multi-platinum and Grammy-Award winning artists as well as best selling authors.

A graduate of Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School, his documentary directorial debut resulted in the vindication of a police officer who was being framed and exposed corruption at the highest levels of the police leadership which led to terminations, demotions and retirements throughout the police and city leadership.

An eclectic filmmaker, his American Made Movie Tour documentary took audiences through 32 American cities in 32 days while his award-winning film CLAIRE, which has been viewed over 5 million times in 50+ countries, raised awareness about Cystic Fibrosis and transformed the way people face terminal illnesses as well as life. Ryan is also the host of the strange and mysterious podcast Terrifying True Stories.